HR Healthcheck

You may already have employment contracts and policies and procedures in place. However, can you be certain that they comply with the latest employment legislation and are you sure that they will give you adequate protection to successfully defend an employment-related claim?

The starting point for any employment dispute is the Contract of Employment because this sets out the main terms and conditions that have been agreed by both parties. Policies, procedures, clear correspondence and good record keeping will also play an important role in determining whether an employee is successful in pursuing a claim.

Employers often lose their case because of poorly worded documentation or failure to follow the necessary procedures.

For a fixed price, our experienced HR Consultants will carry out a comprehensive HR Healthcheck where we will review your existing HR documentation and procedures, taking into account your business objectives and the latest employment legislation.

We will identify areas of risk and make recommendations to ensure your business is well protected against potential claims and has the flexibility to make the changes it needs as your business grows.