Getting it right is tricky. However, recruiting the right people is an essential element in delivering your business strategy.

Recruitment mistakes are expensive and can generate ill feeling and negativity throughout the business. Not to mention holding your business back for several months whilst you either try to find the right person or disengage with someone who has not worked out.

The key to successful recruitment is clarifying at the outset what the job role entails, the type of knowledge, skills and experience that are required to carry out the role, and agreeing a clear recruitment strategy to attract and assess candidates.

At HR Foundations we can provide as much support as you need, making sure you are not infringing employment law in any way. You decide what help you need and we will support you; for example we can:

• Give you a second opinion on a candidate
• Take part on a selection panel
• Draft job descriptions and person specifications
• Identify methods for attracting candidates
• Design selection methods to effectively assess key skills and knowledge
• Set up interviews and handle all the correspondence
• Carry out psychometric testing

Whatever your recruitment needs, we can add value and bring a different dimension to this vitally important area of your business.